Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 (7:30pm)


In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chairman), Mr I Franklin, Mr B Jarrett (Clerk)

Parishioners: Mr M Page, Mr J Baker, Mrs A Baker, Mrs T Barrett.

Apologies: Mr N Bankes, Mr M Patterson, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr G Martin, Mr A Crossley, Mr K Atack.


Mr G Page declared that as there was not a quorum at the meeting any issues requiring a decision would have to be addressed at the next council meeting.

1.    Minutes of previous meeting. (10th January 2017) Approval deferred until next meeting.

2.    Mr G Page requested to hear the parishioners cases before returning to the official agenda.

2.1  Mr J Baker raised the issue of the planning application (17/00066/F) from Thrift Energy for the external wall insulation of council houses 2,3,5,6,7 and 9 Thorpe Road. Wardington The concerns are relating to the appearance of the proposed works and especially for those houses, which are semi-detached, that are not being insulated. This will involve removing the existing stone exterior and replacing it with a synthetic material.   Mrs A Baker presented more information about the proposed work and additional details submitted by Thrift Energy. Although the Parish Council did not have a quorum, it was the opinion of the councillors present that:-

a.     They would prefer the local stone facia to remain the same.

b.    They need assurances regarding the difference in profile and that this would not detract from the adjoining property not being included in the work.

c.    Although the properties are outside of the conservation area CDC should do everything to respect the village appearance.

Although WPC had not objected to the Planning Application these comments were to be forwarded to the CDC Planning department. District councillor Mr Atack was to visit Mrs Baker to discuss their concerns further.


2.2  Mr M Page drew councils attention to the fact that the lower branches of trees surrounding the sports field had been cut down. As some these trees are within the conservation area Mr M Page asked if permission should have been sort before doing so. It was pointed out that these trees had not been trimmed for several years and that these lower branches were impeding the mowing of the grass. The situation was to be clarified with CDC.

3.    Matters arising from previous minutes.

3.1 HS2 Update

Mr G Page reported that HS2 had updated their proposal of mitigating measures, for the increase in HGVs using the A361 through Wardington, during the construction phase. This is in reply to the OCC Highways ‘Risk Register’. There was little on offer from HS2 apart from the widening of three corners and a few warning signs relating to pedestrians and cyclists. Issues around safety, noise, vibration and pollution have not been addressed. HS2 will meet with OCC Highways at the end of the week to discuss the measures. The Wardington HS2 Action Group will meet tomorrow (Wednesday 15th February) and write to OCC Highways so that their comments can be included in their meeting with HS2.

3.2 Cluster Care Donation

Mr Jarrett reported that following the last meeting Mr Franklin had supplied financial accounts for the Cluster Care Group. They relied heavily on a grant from OCC and were uncertain whether this would continue in 2017. The group now were receiving assistance in fund raising. The financial details are to be circulated to the parish councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

4.    Planning


1.    17/00066/F – Thrift Energy, 2,3,5,6,7 & 9 Old Council Houses, Thorpe Road, Upper Wardington

External wall insulation    WPC – NO OBJECTION      (See point 2.1 above)

2.    17/00050/TCA – Mr Jon Oakey, Rose Cottage, Upper Wardington.                                                                        Remove 2 trees.-

CDC Decisions:

3.    16/02130/F – A.J Breakspear & Son, Baizeleys Farm, Thorpe Road, Wardington                                  Erecting new livestock silo. APPROVED

4.    16/00352/TCA – Mr Jon Oakey, Rose Cottage, Upper Wardington.                             Fell one tree.- APPROVED

5.    17/00002/TCA – Mr Nigel Bankes, Home Farm House, Williamscot                        Fell two Sycamore trees. APPROVED

6.    17/00003/TCA –Village Spinney, Cropredy Lane, Williamscot.                                Fell six trees and reduce crown on seven other trees. APPROVED


5.    Finance.

5.1 Invoices – Cheques for authorization.

100864            Wybone Limited – Dog Bin                                        £201.18

100865            Clerk’s Pay – Jan 2017                                                 £346.49

100866            PAYE – Jan 2017                                                             £86.80

100867            Parish Magazine Printing – Warbler                           £231.50


5.2 Quotation for new notice board.

Mr Jarrett said in addition to the quotation from Greenbarnes Ltd., he had received two further quotations for a new notice board, to replace the old one near the Plough Inn.

The decision is deferred until the next meeting.

5.3 Playground 200 Club draw.

Chairman requested that due to lack of councillors this be postponed to either the next parish council meeting or a suitable village event before then.

6.    New Business

6.1.        Unitary Council Proposal of Oxfordshire

Information has been circulated to Councillors regarding the draft proposals. There is a discussion meeting on the 15th February at Banbury Town Hall. Councillors have received a comments from Oxfordshire County Councillor George Reynolds favouring a more local approach. Mr Patterson has also circulated to council his disapproval of the unitary council and his support of the current arrangement of CDC and the close co-operation with South Northants. These comments will be forwarded to OCC.

6.2.        Spring Clean

We are advised by CDC that the ‘Spring Clean’ will start on the 3rd March and run until 20th March 2017. Mr Page requested that CDC be contacted to see if we can delay the exercise until early April 2017.

7.    A.O.B.


a.    We have been advised that CDC do not object to the removal of the three telephone kiosks within the parish. BT will remove these in due course. Mr Jarrett commented that the kiosk in Williamscot has already been removed.


b.    OCC have advised that remedial work on trees is scheduled on A361 on Williamscot Hill which will result in single file traffic for a period of one day.


c.    Eoscapes have advised WPC that they are not interested in quoting for a continuation of the grass cutting contract, that expires on 31/03/2017. Council are now inviting interested parties to quote for the grass cutting contract. Mr G Page said the has already received one quotation.

d.    Mr G Page announced that he has received prices for suitable parking protection mesh required for Thorpe Road. He will be passing these on to the interested parties.


The meeting closed 8:50pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 at 7:30pm in the village hall.