Latest News on HS2/Fusion Work in Wardington

You are probably aware of the road widening taking place on the A361 near Old Bonhams corner. Other work on road widening will be carried out in February. This will result in single lane road closures controlled by traffic lights

In the Spring there will be further work on the A361 at the North and South entrances to the village and by the Bus Stop. These will involve complete road closures. There will also be road closures at Chipping Warden at about the same time.

Wardington Parish Council demanded a meeting with HS2/Fusion to discuss the impact of these closures. There were even rumours of the Stagecoach 200 bus service being suspended.

At the meeting HS2/Fusion confirmed (subject to Oxfordshire and Northampton County Council approval):

  • The weekday bus service will continue to operate but there may be problems with the Saturday service on specific dates. We will be notified about these.
  • The road closures on the A361 in Wardington will be during the evening and night
  • Residents on the A361 will be kept fully informed in advance of closure dates and dates when night time working will be taking place near their homes
  • The contractors do not expect these residents to lose access to their properties. If this is likely to occur at any time special arrangements will be agreed with them individually
  • Emergency services will be able to get through
  • Notification of the closures will be in place well before the village. Ten miles back and at all main junctions is normal apparently
  • There will be diversion routes for HGV’s

Nicky Haigh, Community Engagement Manager, Fusion, who are working on behalf of HS2, has given us the following statement for The Warbler:

Work on widening of the A361 at the southern end of the village is taking place in January and February 2020. Works will then progress to the northern end and to the installation of the new pedestrian crossing adjacent to the bus stop. This will be carried out using single lane closures controlled by traffic lights. These will be in operation for 24 hours although, when possible, traffic management will be removed to allow free flow of traffic. 

During this period work will also be carried out by BT to locally relocate their apparatus located on the traffic island junction next to the Hare & Hounds to allow the northern widening works to take place. Residents will be notified directly by BT when this will take place. 

In early spring we will begin works on the north and south gateway entrances to the village.  This will require road closures due to the need to resurface the road. These closures will be undertaken in the evening or overnight to limit disruption to the traveling public. The timings of these closures are also planned to prevent disruption to the local no. 200 bus service. 


The Parish Council will keep in close touch with HS2/Fusion and try and make sure everyone in the village, including Williamscot and Coton, has the latest information. There may be last minute changes. Those of you who are on facebook, have access to, spot Parish Council notices on village noticeboards and at bus stops, please be a good neighbour and pass the information on. Better hear it twice than not at all.

Wardington Parish Council