Thank you to all who attended Wednesday evening’s meeting. There were at least 70 of us there. The following is a summary of key points raised and action that can be taken.

  1. In response to a call in 2020 from Cherwell District Council (CDC) for land for development in the new Local Plan, a landowner in Wardington offered 2 areas.
    • 4.6 hectares off The Greensward for 20 houses
    • 10.8 hectares round Judges on the other side of the A361 for 5 houses
  1. The meeting was told that land offered as Change of Use, once accepted, was subject to CDC requirements of between 20 and 30 houses per hectare. On the total area of 15+ hectares this would result in between 300 and 450 new houses.

It was felt unlikely that the landowner was aware of this condition.

Wardington Parish Council  was asked to ensure he was.


  1. It was also made clear that the offer of 2 sites would be treated as one offer and could not be split


  1. Although the Plan will not be published until the middle of next year, the meeting was told that views, positive or negative, should be submitted now. Once the Plan and Change of Use of the land are accepted it is likely to pass through planning at a later stage without question. Furthermore , the number of houses currently planned to be built on the land could be increased later without consultation.


  1. WPC has engaged a planning consultant, Peter Frampton.

His approach is that the development strategy in the current development plan is fit for purpose and as such should form the basis of the distribution strategy in the rolling forward of the Local Plan. As such, the development inabilities where there are minimal services should be kept to local needs only. As such Wardington should not be a candidate to accommodate district level development needs.


  1. Many other concerns and objections were expressed. These included: the conservation status of Wardington, the need for nature conservation to be taken into account, the lack of a school and other services, better development prospects in other areas such as Upper Heyford, loss of opportunity for a bypass in the future, access for builders would be difficult and disruptive, once a planning boundary is broken the flood gates open, lack of infrastructure.

Re lack of infrastructure, at least 2 speakers (with experience) said planners ignore that.

  1. The deadline for submissions about the Review is Wednesday November 10. The Parish Council will be making a submission but the more responses that come from individuals the better. They are vital. Residents are urged to get their submissions in as soon as possible. You can use the information from Peter Frampton as part of your submission if you wish.

We are advised that objections using arguments such as:

    • not sustainable because of lack of services
    • out of scale to the character of the village
    • change of character of a conservation village

are likely to be most effective.

  1. The contact addresses for responses are:

Those wishing to make their views known to CDC specific to the land in Wardington should quote reference LPR-A-175.

There are volunteers on hand for anyone wanting help with their submission. Start by contacting Malcolm Patterson on 01295 750014 to be put in touch


Wardington Parish Council

29 October 2021