Proposal To Build Third Warehouse Next To Two Existing Empty Warehouses

Following the withdrawal of the controversial planning application to build a hotel, offices and other complexes on the land off A361 M40, J11, a new application has now been submitted to Cherwell District Council for permission to build a third warehouse on this land.... Comments Close: 30th March 2023 Sign the petition - CLICK HERE.

Parish Council objects to Cherwell DC Planning Application 22/01488/OUT

Reproduced below is a letter sent by Wardington Parish Council Chair, Malcolm Patterson, to Banbury MP Victoria Prentis. You are strongly encouraged to submit your objection, if indeed you do object, before the deadline of 30th June 2022.   Dear Victoria It was only last week that we heard about the planning application above. The opportunity to object closes in less than 3 weeks. It involves a further 100+ acre warehousing development off the A361 close to Junction 11 of the M40. We in Wardington and other local villages in North Oxfordshire and South Northants are very alarmed. It would be more accurate to say ‘horrified’. The Banbury Guardian has launched a strong campaign against. Wardington Parish Council is still

Protect Cherwell’s future

Cherwell District Council are asking for your support to stop Oxfordshire County Council plans to abolish it and replace it with a single unitary authority for the whole of the county. The link below is a letter from Cllr Barry Wood explaining the situation:- Save_CDC_letter Save_CDC_petition You can sign the petition at:- Wardington Parish Council        

Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 26th July, 2016

Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall Date: Tuesday, 26th July, 2016 (7:30pm) In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes, Mr M Patterson, Mr I Franklin,  Mr B Jarrett (Clerk) Parishioners: Ms J Funnell. Mrs R Page, Mr I Fuller. Apologies: Mrs A Pasco, Mr A Crossley, Mr K Atack (District Councillor),  Mr G Martin. 1.    Minutes of previous meeting. (21st June, 2016) Approved and signed. 2.    Matters arising from previous minutes. 2.1 HS2 Update Mr Jarrett reported that Charles Holbech, Malcolm Patterson and Bob Jarrett had attended the House of Lords Select Committee Hearing where Charles Holbech had expertly presented our petition. Despite HS2’s continued non-committal to reduce the traffic volume, Charles continued to

HS2 Action Group – House of Lords Select Committee Hearing

HS2 ACTION GROUP House of Lords Select Committing Hearing - July 20th 2016 Location:12:25pm, Houses of Parliament. Present: Committee:, Charles Holbech ,Malcolm Patterson,  Bob Jarrett . The hearing began with Charles Holbech giving a summary of the petition: There would be 1,000 HS2 HGVs and 204 LGVs through Wardington daily. That represented two per minute in a 10 hour period, and this would seriously affect the quality of life in Wardington.  He outlined that the volume of HGVs using the A361 is to carry spoil from Greatworth and Turweston, for use at Lower Boddington, a distance of 27 miles. Wardington would not cope with this volume of traffic and it would be unsafe. Following the Commons Select Committee report and

Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting 19th April 2016

Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall Date: Tuesday, 19th April, 2016 (7:30pm) In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr M Patterson, Mr I Franklin, Mr A Crossley,   Ms A Pasco, Mr G Martin,               Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr B Jarrett (Clerk), Apologies: None 1.    Minutes of previous meeting.(22nd March, 2016) Approved and signed. 2.    Matters arising from previous minutes. HS2 Update Mr Page reported that the Action Group had a meeting on the 6th April 2016, which was also attended by Victoria Prentis MP and Stephanie Garnett. At that meeting it was decided to petition the House of Lords, in a similar way to how we had petitioned the House of Commons. In addition to

HS2 Update – Parliamentary Select Committing Hearing – January 18th 2016

HS2 ACTION GROUP Parliamentary Select Committing Hearing - January 18th 2016 January 18 was a big day for our village. It was the day when the Parish Council represented by Chair George Page, Nigel Bankes, Malcolm Patterson and Clerk Bob Jarrett;  George Tuthill, representing local business and Charles Holbech a local resident , went to the House of Commons to present Wardington’s  petition. Its aim was to highlight the dangers and problems with HS2’s plan to route construction traffic through the village. We were very fortunate to have Charles Holbech, a barrister who actually lives off the A361, to make the presentation to the Select Committee. Our MP, Victoria Prentis, was there in support. The background is that HS2 need

Village Responses from the HS2 Update Meeting

Thank you to everyone that sent in responses to the questions put forward by the parish council regarding the specific effects of HS2 construction HGV traffic on individuals, homes and businesses etc. I could not reply to you all but I have collated all the responses I received to produce a document that runs 20 pages and 10,000 words long! The HS2 Action Group will use this to assist them in drafting a parliamentary petition this week. Your responses are a great help and hopefully the Action Group can work many of your concerns into the debate. The petiton will be delivered to parliament on August 12th. Stay tuned.

HS2 Update Meeting Summary (July 23rd)

Summary of the HS2 Update Meeting led by Wardington Parish Council held on Thursday July 23rd 2015 at 7.00pm in Wardington Memorial Hall In Attendance:   Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair), Mr M Patterson, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr G Martin, Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr M Hickman (Clerk) Visitors: Victoria Prentis (MP for Banbury), Stephanie Garnett (Senior Parliamentary Assistant to Victoria Prentis), Mark Kemp (Deputy Director Commercial OCC), Charles Holbech (Wardington HS2 Action Group) Parishioners: Approximately SIXTY   1. Presentation Mr Page, Mr Bankes and Mr Holbech presented the HS2 update presentation. This can be seen here. The presentation explains that a HS2 Action Group has been established by the parish council to produce a parliamentary petition